Adrian von Bernstorff serves as Associate Dean for Clinical Education and is the Director of the Social Enterprise Clinic. He also teaches Corporate Law. After his studies of law, Adrian worked as associate at Becker Büttner Held Lawyers in Berlin, specialized in legal matters concerning renewable energies and the phaseout of nuclear energy. In 2013, Adrian came to Bhutan with his wife, the documentary filmmaker Irja von Bernstorff. Together with a Bhutanese partner, he established the food business, “Happy Chips,” under the umbrella of a Farmers’ Cooperative. The Cooperative decided to sell the Happy Chips business to a group of investors in 2017. In the same year, Adrian joined JSW Law. Together with JSW Law students, he currently supports a selected group of social entrepreneurs, helping them to establish the legal DNA of their companies in line with their social and environmental mission. Adrian is also working with the Royal Monetary Authority (Bhutan’s central bank) to develop an agenda for social entrepreneurship in Bhutan. 

Dema Lham is a senior lecturer and the Director of the Human Dignity Clinic. Before joining the law school, She worked as a senior legislative officer at the National Assembly Secretariat. She received her BLS/ LL.B. degree from Government Law College, Mumbai University, India, in 2006 and her Postgraduate Diploma in National Law (PGDNL) from the Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu, in 2007. Dema received her Master of Law with specialization in Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of New South Wales (Australia) in June 2017. Dema teaches Penal Law and Restorative Justice, taught Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law, and co-taught Human Dignity. In 2016, she also co-taught a short course on Law and Development at the University of Vienna.

Kuenzang Dolma is a senior lecturer specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution courses and the Director of the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Clinic. She has previously co-taught Property Law with Professor Pooja Parmar (University of Victoria, Canada).

Kuenzang received her LL.B. Degree from Indian Law Society’s Law College Under Pune University, India and her Masters of Law in Dispute Resolution from University of Missouri School of Law, USA. Prior to joining JSW Law, she worked as a Legal Officer for District Administration in Wangdue Phodrang and later with District Administration in Paro.